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Getting Married in Cyprus - All you need to know

Here is some background information and links for your information about Cyprus.

Currency Euro symbol €
Credit/Debit cards All major cards accepted in most places
Usually no surcharge for credit or debit cards
Changing Currency
Prices in General Generally very cheap, some imported items are more expensive as they are shipped in smaller quantities but local alternatives are excellent, eg sugar is 60% of the price and the same. Many items have greek on one side and english on the back so have a look. Also many familar items just have a different name abroad and these are cheaper then the english versions. Ask for directions to the local big supermarkets.
Cigarettes, Tobacco Costs and exporting Prices are cheap. The cheap brands are around €2.8 named brands €3.5
Each person over 16 can take out up to 8 CARTONS (1 carton is 10 packets or 200 cigarettes) of cigarettes back to the UK and up to 1KG of rolling tabacco for personal use. Amounts over this can be taken, however they may need to be proved for personal use or can be confiscated.
2 Adults taking the full allowance can save up to £250-300 against the UK shop price. Makes it a cheap holiday.
Driving Cars are right hand drive, automatic and manual. They drive on the left the same as in the UK. Road signs are in English and Greek and the same system is used as in the UK. If you can drive in the UK you can drive in Cyprus. Just be carefully as cars often drive faster, the standards are lower. Also the horn is used a lot, not as in a road rage sense more just to say I am here.
Petrol Hire cars usually come with very little petrol in them and you leave them as you found them. Prices are very cheap (€1.35c/L) and so don't put much in your hire car when you buy petrol.
License and Hire cars Using your UK License you can hire a car in 5 minutes. Usually only the card part is required.
Speed Limits Mileage is in Kilometres. Motorway speed limit is 100km (62Miles), in town the limits are always clearly marked and generally lower than the UK.Hires cars have red numberplates and local cars normal Colour. Cypriots generally drive quite fast, indication is poorly used and the use of the horn is not agressive but used a lot. It is usually used just to say 'I am here'. Road conditions off the main roads can be bad, so care is to be used especially in the country, potholes are frequent and can easily put a hole in your sump.
Law and order Cyprus has relatively little crime. The Police speak English and the law is based upon UK law. You won't see too many police. Occasionally they go out with speed guns on the bigger roads when they are bored. However Night club areas are well policed and some Police carry guns.
Chemist and medical services Look for Pharmacy not chemists. Most sell generic (cheaper) brands. Prices are very good. Many items are available WITHOUT a prescription that wouldn't in the UK. eg. you can buy a Ventolin inhaler for €4.50.
Check your insurance for medical cover. Generally you pay but its very cheap. An improved national health service is being introduced and as such free hospitals are in most of the main towns.
Prices and details are correct as of October 2012

General Map of the Area

<--    The map on the left shows the general area of Paphos.

The map on the right provides street details.  -->

Click on either and it will open in a new window for viewing or printing

Road map of the area

Cyprus Directory - New Directory site for Cyprus

1stCyprus - Great Portal Directory

The Cyprus News is the online version of the Local daily newspaper in English

Cyprus weekly is an english language weekly news magazine

Cyprus guide, Cyprus news, Cyprus web resources...

For Local Banking Try the Laiki Bank (we do!)

Cyprus car rental
Offers car rental in Cyprus, Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol and Ayia Napa..

To view latest currency Rates here are the current ones from Moneyworld

To work our your money here is a currency converter from Moneyworld

The national carrier for Cyprus is Cyprus Airways

You could also use easyjet

British Airways

Monarch Fly to cyprus

So do Thomas cook

You could also use First Choice

You could also use Tui

Or even Ryanair

Now when you get there you may need a map

Want to Learn some Greek Try here For some free online courses

Ctynanet offers lots of useful local information on Cyprus ready for your visit

Finding Cyprus is another site offering useful local information

The *** Cyprus ** Home Page More infomation & Resources on Cyprus

Chinese (Traditional)EnglishFrenchGermanGreekRussianSpanishSwedishTurkish

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